Meet The Team

Meet the Polar Ice team responsible for dry ice operations, production, quality assurance, and delivery.

Alison Ritchie, Managing Director of Polar Ice

Alison Ritchie

Managing Director

Robert Powell, Director of Polar Ice

Robert Powell


Denise Ryan, Operations Manager of Polar Ice

Denise Ryan

Operations Manager

Michael Kilduff, Non-Executive Director of Polar Ice

Michael Kilduff

Non-Executive Director

Theresa Scully, QA Manager for Polar Ice

Theresa Scully

QA Manager

Jackie Kinch, Credit Controller for Polar Ice

Jackie Kinch

Credit Controller

Gillian Powell, Brand Manager for Polar Ice

Gillian Powell

Brand Manager

Mariusz Merchel, Production Manager for Polar Ice

Mariusz Merchel

Production Manager

Stephen Flanagan, Production Operative for Polar Ice

Stephen Flanagan

Production Operative

David Scully, Production Operative for Polar Ice

David Scully

Production Operative

Donnchadh Stobie, Production Operative for Polar Ice

Donnchadh Stobie

Production Operative

Raivo Podnieks

HGV Driver

Ronan Dunne, HGV Driver for Polar Ice

Ronan Dunne

HGV Driver

Anthony Crosbie, HGV Driver for Polar Ice

Anthony Crosbie

HGV Driver

Gerard Maher, LGV Driver for Polar Ice

Gerard Maher

LGV Driver

Philip Orford, Warehouse Manager for Polar Ice

Philip Orford

Warehouse Manager

Karen Powell, Administrator for Polar Ice

Karen Powell


Louise Conway, Administrator for Polar Ice

Louise Conway